(Update: 02.04.2024, 09:15pm) IONOS builds cloud solution for the German federal administration - ITZBund awards contract to build an on-premise enterprise cloud

Update: 02.04.2024, 09:15pm: For the variable order without purchase guarantees over five years, IONOS expects the variable contract, which will be billed on a pay-per-use basis as is customary in the cloud sector, to generate revenue in the low three-digit million euro range over the next five years. 

Berlin/Karlsruhe, 2 April 2024. The German Federal Information Technology Centre (Informationstechnikzentrum Bund/ITZBund) has commissioned IONOS to set up a private enterprise cloud that will be operated in the ITZBund's data centres. The framework agreement has a term of five years. The ITZBund is the IT service provider for 200 federal administration authorities and is tasked with supporting public administration with modern IT and leading it into the digital future. 

"We are proud that the performance of the IONOS Enterprise Cloud has convinced the ITZBund," says IONOS CEO Achim Weiß. "Our cloud solution developed in Germany stands for maximum security, reliability and, above all, digital sovereignty, making it an excellent fit for the ITZBund's cloud-first strategy."

"IONOS submitted a convincing offer for the operation of the federal government's on-premise cloud, one of the most important projects in our multicloud strategy," explains Christine Serrette, Technical Vice Director of the ITZBund. With exemplary projects, the company was able to successfully demonstrate that it is capable of operating the architecture we required."

IONOS sets up a completely self-contained enterprise cloud environment in ITZBund data centres without a connection to the internet or the company's own network (known as "air gapping"). The hardware and software is based on the cloud platform developed in-house by IONOS and comprises Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), databases and block storage.

"Offering such a platform as an air-gapped solution outside our own data centres is a complex requirement that only a few providers can meet," says Achim Weiß. "In addition, there are extensive security requirements that our employees fulfil."

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