Up in the Cloud.

Our one-stop shop portfolio enables an end-to-end digitalization journey for our customers.

What we do.

With a broad portfolio of web presence & productivity and cloud solutions, a highly scalable platform, and award-winning support we enable free-lancers, small business, and enterprises in every step of their digitalization journey - for instance by setting up an online presence with a domain and website or moving into the Cloud.

Where we come from.

In the 25 years since our founding as one of the first hosting providers in Europe we have developed a company we believe is widely regarded as the digitalization partner for SMBs. After we became the clear market leader of web hosting in Europe, we began tapping the attractive market for Cloud Solutions and have expanded into one of the fastest-growing providers. 

Where we stand.

Our strong and resilient business model translates into a highly attractive and robust financial profile, combining growth, profitability and cash flow generation. In 2023, we grew our total revenue by 10.1% to around EUR 1.423 billion. We expect to continue our growth in 2024, estimating approx. 11% increase in total revenue compared with 2023.

Where we're headed.

The successful growth strategy with a medium-term revenue target of around 10% CAGR and strong outlook across markets and regions is propelled by excellent profit margins. We target our EBITDA margin to progressively exceed 30% in the mid-term. Our financing is secured through intercompany loans provided by United Internet.

Our cloud of brands.

Global platform. Local heroes. Universal success.