IONOS website builder now powered by AI

Karlsruhe, 6 September 2023. IONOS continues to build its AI proposition for small and medium sized businesses, with the integration of AI into its website builder, MyWebsite Now. The news comes after IONOS introduced an AI text generator earlier this year.

The new AI Website Builder from IONOS enables SMBs to create a full website, including homepage and up to four subpages, with minimal information. It only needs the company name, industry and a short description, and then generates three design options for businesses to choose from.

The preferred option can then be edited and expanded, offering further flexibility for SMBs. The new AI Image Generator automatically creates images from simple text commands, while the AI SEO Text Generator creates search engine optimised headlines and texts. SMBs can use the AI Text Improver to choose between twelve different tonalities for their content including professional, trustworthy and friendly.

Achim Weiß, CEO at IONOS, commented: "Artificial intelligence is currently revolutionising the way that websites are generated. With IONOS, it has always been possible to create professional websites without any programming knowledge but with the new AI tools, this process has been made significantly faster and at the same time easier and better than ever before."

Further information can be found here:

Pricing and availability

New customers can access the comprehensive AI functions from the MyWebsite Now Plus package, for just USD 1/month for the first six months and USD 18/month thereafter. For existing customers, the AI website builder is already included in the MyWebsite Now Starter package.